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Water Heaters

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Paul’s HVAC proudly offers the State ProLine® Family Electric and Gas Water Heaters, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you prefer the energy-efficient electric models or the powerful and cost-effective gas options, the State ProLine® series delivers cutting-edge technology and durability. Our skilled technicians at Paul’s HVAC are trained to install, repair, and maintain these systems, ensuring a consistent and efficient supply of hot water for your home or business. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we stand behind the State ProLine® Family as a trusted choice for meeting your hot water needs. Contact us today to explore the benefits of State ProLine® water heaters and experience the excellence that Paul’s HVAC brings to your water heating solutions.

Click here to download the State ProLine Family Water Heater Brochure.

Water heaters
Water heaters

Water Heater Repair Near Me

We are equipped to give superior customer support with all water heater repairs and also service in Walton, Gwinnett, and surrounding counties. We prefer systems, but we can repair any make or model. Making the decision to repair or replace your home’s system can be a little stressful. But, don’t worry Paul’s Heating & Air can help you pick out the best system to suit your family’s requirements.

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